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Fun Party - Available Monday - Saturday

Click here to choose the puppet show you are interested in.

Children are entertained for approx. one hour.

This hour includes the puppet show, time for photos with the puppets,

games and activities.


(Prices are for Lexington & Richland Counties only, additional travel fees will be included for other locations.)



Week Day Special

Monday - Friday Mornings or afternoons

Book a week day party for your home, preschool, daycare, etc. Available from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

30 minutes of entertainment including plenty of special birthday recognition, puppet show and photo opportunities.
Click here to choose the show.


(Prices are for Lexington & Richland Counties only, additional travel fees will be included for other locations.)


Answers to frequently asked questions:

How much space do you need to set up?

A space of approximately 8' x 8' is needed for our stage. 

Can you set up outdoors? 

We DO NOT set up outdoors. 

Do we need to provide anything?

Access to electricity is needed, we have extension cords.  If our equipment is required to go up and down a flight of stairs some assistance will be needed.

Is a deposit required?

No deposit is required but if things change after booking your party, please let us know as soon as possible.

What form of payment do you accept and when do we pay for the party?

Payment is due by check, cash or credit card and we suggest you pay at the time of arrival, or for your convenience, you can pay ahead of time with a credit card on-line. (This allows you to continue on with your party and not be interrupted to make payment).

What type of games do you use to entertain the children?

The extra entertainment we provide in the Fun Package includes indoor birthday games such as

Hokey Pokey, Pin the tail on the donkey, etc.  The games and the amount of time needed for the games are adjusted

to meet the ages of the children and size of the party.

What do the adults do during the show?

Adult supervision of the children by you is required during the puppet show.  We are behind the stage and can not ensure their safety.

What time will you arrive to set up?

We arrive 30 minutes before the party and generally do the show 15 - 20 minutes after the party begins.  

We don't mind waiting a few minutes for late arriving guest but if the time is going to exceed 30 minutes before the show starts add an additional fee of 25.00 to your party.

If you live outside of Richland or Lexington counties, an additional fee will be determined depending on the extra time involved in traveling to your location.

Should we provide other entertainment? ie, bounce house, clown, face painting, etc.

Of course this is your child's party and you should do what you want for your child.  In my experience, sitting still for a puppet show contrast with  bounce house's and provide a conflict for the children.  When given a choice, they will choose bouncing even if only for a few minutes.   My recommendation would be to have one or the other for optimal use of either resource.

Can we video?

Please feel free to video or take as many photos as you like.